Data insights

We tap into previously unrealised claim performance data to deliver deep analytical insights that help you to make better business decisions.

We utilise data from our technology platforms to provide optimal cost, lifecycle and customer experience outcomes. We are able to deliver deep, multi-level, three-dimensional analytical insights across key areas of the claims ecosystem including:

  • Financial: claims costs, payments, recoveries, excess, reserves
  • People: retention rates, productivity, staff sentiment
  • Operations: lifecycles, estimate movements, call wait times, overdue tasks
  • Compliance: sensitive claims, SLAs met, audited claims, breaches, leakage
  • Customer: sentiment ratings, feedback, NPS scores, vulnerable customers

Some examples of where our deep insights add value to our clients:

  • Enable early intervention to reduce the impact of “off-track” claims
  • Use predictive models to optimise outcomes across individual  claim segments
  • “What if” analysis for supplier contracts, supply chain performance, CAT events and geographical analysis
  • Financial and non-financial data at both the supplier and trade contractor level
  • Claims volume analysis across peril type, cost and supplier
  • Claims performance analysis at each key phase including first notification, triage, emergency services & mitigation, assessment, restoration, repair and quality assurance


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