Property assess & repair

Our priority is to get your customers’ lives back to normal as quickly as possible.

Claim Central Property manages the restoration, assessment and repair of residential, commercial, strata and industrial properties for both BAU (Business As Usual) and CAT (catastrophe event) claims – as well as contents, plant and equipment.

Restoration & mitigation: 24/7 emergency response, mitigation and restoration services for damage such as water, fire, mould, sewage and malicious damage.

Repair management: including triage, make safe, desktop & field assessment, contents fulfilment, trade repair management and customer management. Includes major and complex loss claims.

Supply chain management: procurement, retention, competitive tendering and scorecarding of our 1,000+ trade panel network. Discounted contents fulfilment and supplies through volume purchasing.

CAT event management: disaster response and capacity planning on trades, supplies and assessing resources; specialist CAT-trained trade panel deployment; claim management and performance reporting.

Our property services provide end-to-end repair and supply chain management that focus on cost control, lifecycle reduction and better quality outcomes for everyone in a claim:

How we are revolutionising property claims

We have managed 81 major weather events and catastrophes on behalf of leading insurers globally.

Our innovative model for property damage and restoration management is underpinned by our digital claims ecosystem that reduces average claims cost, reduces average claims lifecycle and improves the customer experience.

Our transparent and streamlined processes provide total claim handling and supply chain management, performance monitoring and cost control for our partners.

  • Lower cost adjustment processes using live video solutions and experienced technicians to conduct property appraisals
  • Four levels of downward cost pressure
  • Settlement based on actual repair costs
  • Competitive tendering of repair projects
  • Strong relationships with suppliers for discounts on materials
  • Digital claims platform connecting all parties in a claim, creating transparency and visibility
  • Real-time monitoring of customer satisfaction, quality and supplier performance

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