Property claims management platform

ClaimLogik is the world’s only digital platform that connects everyone in a property claim from first notification all the way to completion. Featuring both an insurance layer and a claims assess & repair layer, it’s the only platform globally that offers both stakeholder management and claim management capabilities.

ClaimLogik was built based on the concept of “one claim, one platform” – all claim processes and participants are tied together through one platform, enabling clear line of sight to the activities and status of the claim.

In addition, ClaimLogik data can be used for ratings engines, underwriting, actuarial and property valuations.

ClaimLogik enables insurers, customers and brokers to digitally connect to a supply chain of assessors, builders and first responders in an automated, logical sequence of activity.

ClaimLogik’s scalable operating model is completely transparent and simplifies the claims process to provide:

  • Reduced claim costs
  • Improved quality of claims handling and day-to-day operations
  • Reduced claim lifecycles
  • Better customer claim experiences

Traditional products vs ClaimLogik

While some offerings in the market handle parts of the claims process, ClaimLogik is the only platform that handles a claim from FNOL through to completion.


Key features

Some of the key features of ClaimLogik include:

  • Claim triage and assessment capability using live video stream
  • Digital collaboration and procurement
  • Completely electronic supply and trade management
  • Competitive job bidding capability
  • Pricing based on ‘actual cost’, not perceived cost of current estimating platforms
  • Supports strategic trade and retailer programs
  • Electronic collection of customer deductibles and distribution of payments to contractors
  • Total transparency in claims handling
  • Claim Tracker portal
  • Business intelligence module
  • Automated communication to all key stakeholders

ClaimLogik’s feature set is currently expanding to also include cyber, SME and motor claims by late 2020.

To learn more about ClaimLogik and how it can improve your claim outcomes, visit

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